How TestDrives2U Can Help You Buy Your Car and Save Time

How TestDrives2U Can Help You Buy Your Car and Save Time

How TestDrives2U Can Help You Buy

Your Car and Save Time

It’s no secret that in the world we live in most of us are busy. Juggling work, family life and responsibilities. We certainly don’t have time for the car to be unreliable or break down, and yet we don’t really have the time to go and buy a new one either.

There are also lots of us who really don’t like the idea of visiting a car showroom, and would rather find another way. Buying a car via ‘blended retailing’ can help with all of these time pressures. Car brand websites provide some absolutely fantastic information about new cars for you to read without stepping a foot inside a showroom. You can even configure the perfect model for you at just a few clicks of a button.

However, very few people are happy to buy a new car without test driving it. How can you know if you’re going to like a car if you don’t know how it drives, if it’s comfortable or if the features don’t work quite in the way you expected? Would you buy a house without taking a look around?

This is where TestDrives2U comes in. If you don’t fancy going to a car showroom or just don’t have time to trek to one, you don’t have to. Select the car you’re thinking about buying at, we will do the rest. We’ll give you a quick call and then arrange for the car of your choice to be delivered to your home or workplace so that you can test drive it. An expert from the car dealer will deliver to the car to you, so you can ask all the important questions you need to know and make sure that the car is right for you. (You’ll be surprised at how many people buy a car and go on to regret it…).

We think that life is too short to be trailing around lots of car dealerships over your precious weekend, and with TestDrives2U you don’t have to. You can book your test drive during your lunch break!

Our brand ambassador TV presenter Natalie Pinkham loved the idea, which is why she chose to work with us. Being a busy working mum she knows the importance of managing time effectively.

So, if you want to buy a new car – now you can without even stepping foot inside the showroom. If you’re looking to buy a car why not book a test drive with us for free and let us do all the hard work. Our customer service team would love to help you to choose the perfect car.

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